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Our Products

CC’s Scents hand pour every single candle and melt in our home nothing is mass produced, with the emphasis on quality over quantity, we hand make every candle to the finest detail.


We only use soy wax with coconut in our blend which allows for much cleaner burning, it doesn’t emit any toxins, carcinogens or pollutants and is less likely to trigger allergies.  

Anyone with an allergy who wishes to purchase a candle can make a request for the coconut to be isolated from the blend.

Soy wax burns much cooler than its paraffin counterpart, meaning it’s safer to use around children and will, on average, last 30% – 50% longer than a paraffin candle of the same size. 

Made from soybeans, the wax is biodegradable and water soluble, so will clean out without any effort and accidental spills are much easier to clean and if that isn’t enough, it’s kind to the environment too!

Delivering your favorite fragrances to your home. We have also considered eco-friendly and sustainable solutions for our creations as we have discovered on our candle business journey that there is so much excess packaging and plastic involved in the products being created and that are disposed of almost on receipt of the product and once it has found its place in your desired place, including the candle / diffuser vessels once used. 

We want to offer you options that can take this concept on, saving on the unnecessary packaging & encouraging you to recycle your vessels. 


With all luxury candles & all diffusers, we are offering a refill service. Once your vessel is empty, simply clean out and reorder a refill! This is also a great way to try out new scents.

If you are not sure how to clean wax from your vessel, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist. 


We love involving clients in the design process to perfect the products to ensure they meet every candle lovers needs as everyone is individual and we believe that is important as one size doesn’t fit all. 

Whilst some clients love subtle scents others love intense scent throws. We have a lovely selection of scents to suit all. We offer enticing scents that range from fruity, to floral, to on trend scents, fresh fragrances, luxury scents and even to good old vanilla!


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